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Theme Nights

What's a theme night, you ask? It's our equivalent of the ultimate costume party. As we get closer to sailing, we'll update this page with all the theme night details you'll need to come up with a truly terrifying ensemble to wear on the ship. Theme nights are totally optional, but it's way more fun if you participate!



  • Zombie Gras

    Zombie Gras

    Friday, January 26

    Let’s celebrate Mardi Gras a few days early and with a zombie twist! This is your chance to break out those beads , with a dash of fake blood, and boisterous purple-green-gold outfits that you’ve had tucked away in your closet all year. Who says the dead can’t party? Always wanted to be a walker dressed to the nines in Mardi Gras attire? Go for it! 

  • Fright Night

    Fright Night

    Saturday, January 27

    Party the night away decked out in full walker make-up. Whether you dress as the undead or another creature of the night, we want to see you put your creepiest foot forward!

  • Night of the Living

    Night of the Living

    Monday, January 29

    No walkers allowed! Are you a die-hard Alexandrian fan or do you side with the Saviors? Pick a side, but choose wisely! Celebrate the night dressed as Negan, Carl, Michone, or any other TWD characters that tickle your fancy!




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