Theme Nights

What's a theme night, you ask? It's our equivalent of the ultimate costume party. As we get closer to sailing, we'll update this page with all the theme night details you'll need to come up with a rockin' ensemble to wear on the ship. Theme nights are totally optional, but it's way more fun if you participate! They always provide the best people-watching, so be sure to join in and add to the fun.


  • Rep Your Faction

    Rep Your Faction

    Friday, February 3

    Ever wonder what group you would fall into if the zombie apocalypse actually happened? Take THIS QUIZ and show your faction pride when you board the ship! If you land in the Savior camp, just don’t expect us to give you half of our stuff.

  • Night of the Dead

    Night of the Dead

    Saturday, February 4

    Party the night away decked out in full walker make-up. Whether you dress as the undead or another creature of the night, we want to see you put your deadliest foot forward!

  • Night of the Living

    Night of the Living

    Sunday, February 5

    No walkers allowed! Tonight is all about apocalypse survivors coming together out on the open ocean. Come dressed head-to-toe as your favorite character from Skybound’s The Walking Dead.