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Fixed lens camera photography is permitted everywhere on board, but please refrain from flash photography and use of tablets, iPads, selfie sticks, etc. in all indoor venues. Use of audio recording devices, professional cameras (video or still) or detachable lens cameras will not be permitted at performances.

Congrats on your upcoming marriage, how exciting! Unfortunately, we cannot coordinate a wedding during one of our events due to the nature of our sailings. To ensure every guest has an amazing time on their vacation our team’s focus is 100% on executing the event on board. Also, we tend to utilize most venue space for festival programming and operational needs. Guests are welcome to choose to get married while on land  just before boarding the ship or at a port of call during the sailing, but this is not something that Sixthman or Norwegian is able to assist with.

Should you plan to tie the knot prior to sailing and make the cruise your honeymoon or plan to get hitched at a port of call, please let us know! We love your love. 

The dress code for Walker Stalker Cruise 2018 is much more relaxed than a normal cruise. We want you to be comfortable! The only thing we ask is that you don't wear bathing suits or ripped clothing in the dining room. As we get closer to cruise time, we’ll be announcing several "theme nights" – so be prepared to get creative and join in on the fun!

Prior to sailing, you'll be able to see the schedule HERE. There are several resources on Norwegian Pearl to help you navigate your festival experience. Once we set sail, we may encounter some changes due to weather or logistical variations. Therefore the following onboard resources will your best source for staying up to date.

The #1 best way to stay in the loop is to utilize sixthman.net/today. There you can always find the MOST up-to-date information (such as schedule and onboard announcements). You can always find the MOST up-to-date information (such as schedule and onboard announcements). Simply connect to the ship's wifi (NCL_Internet_Pearl)once on board. You do not need to purchase an internet package for the site to work. 

Other sources of info include: TV Screens, TVs with touch screens, daily announcements, onboard newsletter delivered to your stateroom, and iConcierge.

You may submit questions regarding the event via Sixthman.net/ask during your cruise. The Sixthman team will reply in a prompt manner. 

There is a service wheel outside of your stateroom door, which can be turned to display “Welcome”, “Make Up Cabin”, “Turn Down Cabin” and “Do Not Disturb”. This will help you communicate with your cabin steward as well as allow for onboard deliveries. When the service wheel is set to “Do Not Disturb” you may miss a delivery. 


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