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In addition to the celebrity guest panels, concerts, and activities, we’re excited to offer these unique experiences on board!

  • Michelle Molinari

    Michelle Molinari

    SFX makeup artist Michelle Molinari created Zombie Charm School in 2013 out of the desire to turn fans of the zombie horror genre into authentic, reanimated dead for fan conventions and events of all types. She now operates Walkin’ Dead Tours in Haralson, GA and creates Walkers exclusively for them. 

  • Jen Johnston FX

    Jen Johnston FX

    A trauma and horror FX artist, Jen has a true passion for realistic wound work, using both prosthetics and color to create detailed walkers, battle scarred survivors and everything in between.

    Inspired by Greg Nicotero's incredible creations and the amazing artistry of TWD, Jen has been a fan of the show since 'Days Gone By,’ leading to two years lending her skills to help Walker Stalker Atlanta cosplayers become their favorite heroes and villains, as well as run panels on prosthetics and makeup applications.

    Proud to be a part of the TWD family, Jen is thrilled to be a part of the final Walker Stalker Cruise and can't wait to see everyone on board! 

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